EVANGELIA = Bringer of Good News

KAY XUN = Declaring that God is Awesome

RAE-ANN = Lamb

KAY YAN = Amazing Grace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evangelia@nearing 4 years old & Rae-Ann@15 months soon

Again, it has been a long time since my mama can blog. Papa will once in awhile "nag" her to start it again. He misses reading the posts and enjoys the pics (even though he has them in the PC). So here goes!

An update on my muimui--Rae-Ann. She's still not sleeping through the nights. Only on good nights, she will wake up at 4am or 5am for 1 milk feed. Other than that, she cries for milk or attention at 2am, 4am, 6am and then 7am. Parents have the toughest job on earth.

But on the whole, she's a toughier. Unlike me, I fall sick easily, even when I was her age. But Rae would not be under the weather for more than 3 days, except for the last she had--fake measles.

She is learning to walk now. She can actually walk without assistance but I think she's afraid of falling. She will request to hold hands. She loves books, can sit in the car throughout the journey just flipping and staring at books when she's not fussing. She learns very fast and you can see her immediate application. For instance, she points to her head, mouth, tummy etc when asked. She can imitate the sound of a cat, lion and crying baby if she sees the pictures/objects, or when you ask her. Depends on her mood to respond though. If you see the picture above, she was trying to imitate me fixing the lego. She tried and tried at it for awhile.

She can also sit by herself and play without needing someone to be close by, not like me at all! But she is generally bad tempered when things don't get in her way. She will scream, shout or throw tantrums, especially, when she's hungry or tired. By the way, she's not afraid of me, her Ga Jie. If I "disturb" her, she fights bad by shouting irritably, that always draw adults' attention to her rescue. But my parents are teaching her to love me. To love being with me and not always "complain" about me when I play gently.

As for me, I'm happy at Newton Kindergarten since I started in July this year. Learning academic stuffs are not my cup of tea, but I am showing some improvements. I can write my name, though the cases may be all over the place. But at least I can spell it and recognise all the letters.
I still love life! I am energy-charged with people around me. I started my dance classes in September and I am loving it too! One of the platforms mama is preparing me to acquire a proper dance skill. She is still figuring out what is my dance genre; ballet, hip hop (so me) or others. But she think ballet is the basis of all other dances. So it's good to learn ballet.
Started at MindChamps Reading CSM too and love each class. Recently, I showed great interest and talent for drawing. My parents are amazed how creative I am. No one taught me how to draw, but I could draw just by looking at the picture or object. Mama said, maybe if time permits will sign me up for art class! Yippee! I was happy when I heard about it, whatever it was!
By the way, Mui loves kiddy rides like me. But unlike me, she makes a loud noise as if demanding to ride on it whenever she sees one! She will insist. She likes it when mama inserts coins and it moves. As for me, I'm cool about it. Sometimes, I'm terrified by it moving! Hahaha...It was mui that accompany me that gave me courage.

Sisters forever!
Sunny Gals! Mui somehow knows that that pair belongs to her and will only wear that particular pair even if you offer mine to her. Smart.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swimming @ SAFRA Jurong

Ok, mama said this pic was supposed to be somewhere at the end of this post. But it already took sooooo looong to upload all these pics and she accidentally deleted it when it was uploaded correctly. So when she uploaded this again, it then refused to be moved. Sigh, so she gave up cos it was already 11pm. Pardon her.......
We went to SAFRA@Jurong for a swim since the weather was a killer these days. But I guessed the timing wasn't really appropriate. When we reached there it was only 130pm. But we didn't swim then, Rae would be napping soon. So my parents decided to just dip in.
I latched onto Rae's (passed to her) float like my lifeline! kekkeke...My "chicken" instinct kicked in.
Rae, trying to balance as she walked.
Muimui was a lil sleepy, her nap then soon.....z.z..z.z.z
I was scared, but still remembered to smile for the camera!
Papa with Mui.
Family shot. But I was still a little afraid and cling on tight to my mama! She actually told me to move closer to the middle, but I was too scared!
Mama and mui, enjoying.
After our swim, we headed to Jurong Point for dinner. Bad choice, but no choice, since it was the nearest. It was SO crowded! This mall never seemed to change in its crowd-size my parents said. It had been like this since my papa's army days when he used to go there.
We ate at Din Tai Feng. Or rather my parents ate and I napped. Yes, at the wrong time, again.
While I was in lalaland, muimui was happily eating her dinner and playing. Muimui wanted to touch papa's tongue.
Mui pointed at the receipt as if she was reading. She learnt the pointing from mama, I think. Mama always pointed at things to her and explained to her what they were. Especially, during reading time. Mama noticed Mui is quite a fast learner. Very different from me. I learnt fast on things that were wacky, fun, out of the norm and, you know what I mean. Practically, things that weren't academic! Still a little like that now. Oh well, to each HER own! I'm still loved. :)

So happy!
My muimui likes to slant her lower jaw when she smiles. I wonder why.....
See the slanted smile?! But it was still a nice smile. :)
Our kakak from Indonesia. Has been a good helper with a good heart so far. Just that she is so soft that I get to bully her so much! kekekeke...
That was me--sleeping princess.
Mama and Rae Rae! The sun was scorching hot, we suffered mild sun burn after that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. How About You, You, You....

It's been a looooong time since my mama updated our blog. She has been really busy with her new biz and, Rae and I are getting her hands full as well. Papa reminded mama that it was time to update actually. Papa was quite disappointed that there wasn't any postings since he would check it regularly. So, my mama decided to upload some.

Here's the pics of me at the zoo, again. Think it was my 4th time in my almost 4 years of life. But I never got sick of it. Mama too. She had been there almost 5 to 6 times now.
This time, we had more people going with us! That morning, yeye called to said he wanted to join us too! So we went on separate cars with nai nai, yeye and me in one (of course), and Papa, mama, Rae-Ann and kakak in another.

Enjoy my pics. Too many so mama only uploaded the nicer ones. Nainai, Jerry (or is it Ben?) and me!
Rae-Ann joined in.
Waiting for the elephant show to start. So I munched. Mui mui was getting sleepy.
Not after her time of the day! Lunch! Food, for that matter.
Nah, nah, nah....I was bored.....
See, my nice smile and model-like pose. Actually, I was in the midst of climbing up and down.
I'm a model in the making, don't you think so? Kekkekee.....
Yeye busy clicking away with his more pro cam.
I told my grams I wanted to feed the elephants. But after they bought the food ($5), I backed out!
The elephant literally sucked the fruits in with their trunk!
With Ah Meng's statue, I never got to see it in real life. Mama did. Too bad.
Lunch for the adults. Mui was just happy playing with a mineral water bottle. Oh well.
Noticed Mui's birthmark on her left upper arm? My nainai and gugu also have. Me too. Mine is on my lower back. Gugu has it on her upper arm too. Nainai like me, on her back. Hmmm....I didn't know birthmark is hereditary too?! Or sheer coincidence?!
Rae: Why is she so close to my face?"
I took some pics of them since they were busy eating. Kekekkee...Not bad, right?!

Kakak and Rae
At the water playground! Mui had so much fun.
She wasn't afraid. In fact, she wanted to go into the water.
That was all I was not afraid to do. Keekkeek.....I was afraid to go deeper into the waters.
I observed my mui played. Think she gave me courage.

Papa joined in too.

Papa and his cutie pie (Mui) & sweetie pie (me).

Happy Rae!
Finally we unleashed her to explore!
Mama didn't pack in our swim suits cos she thought we wouldn't be going into the water this much! Good thing she packed a set of clean clothes for us. I have a feeling if Poh Poh sees these, she might comment, "Aiyo, why never bring swimming costumes? Why never bring one towel each?" hahahahhaa....mama takes after my poh poh in this! Trust me, if my mama knew we were going to be this wet, she would pack as if we were on holiday!
Something wrong with the uploading. The pic seemed fine from file. Couple shot!
Mui kept touching the water spray.
A sacred face?! By the way, after this shot, they told me to walk out on my right. I was all alone behind the tall bushes. Yeye hid at the exit behind the bushes and scared me as I walked out. I got a shock and jumped! The cup of cereals I was holding, all spilt. Hhhahahahaa...Yeye kept apologising. wahahhahaha....
Lion, mui knows this animal from our animal chart at home. And she liked it when you roar like a lion.
Can you see the rest of the kids were having fun behind? Actually, the happening activities were there. But the chicken me would only want to be at the shallow water. Mama wished that sometimes, I could be like this at home! So guai lor. Giraffes.
I took a pic of my handsomevpapa. Mui with, er.....don't know what's that.